Can you get sleep without sleep training?


I learned how to get sleep without the use of any "controlled crying" or "cry it out" with my son and you can too! You will learn evidence based techniques that build up love and trust with your baby. No closing the door on your crying baby. No running away crying too because you feel so guilty as you felt that was your only option. There is another option. And it works! We can help you.

Sleep Deprivation Ahhh!

Sleep deprivation is real! We understand and have been there. Frustrated, confused, exhausted in a panic state not knowing what to do. Searching non stop on google for answers, only to find separation techniques that go against all of your gut instincts. Getting unsolicited advice telling you to use "cry it out" Possibly having arguments with your partner... Been there!! It is SO hard! If this is you, I am happy you have come across our page. We can keep you and your little one safe & rested with our evidence based customized approach, that changes as we move through the process to fit your families unique needs. 



  Some Common Sleep Challenges 

  • Frequent night waking
  • Early rising 
  • False starts at bedtime
  • Extended night waking
  • Nap time struggles - nap refusals or moving from 3 - 2 naps etc
  • Moving from bassinet to crib - from parents bed to crib or toddler bed
  • Arrival of new baby
  • Toddler bedtime struggles  
  • Cat naps
  • Bedtime worries, nightmares or night terrors
  • Difficulty weaning toddler overnight feeds


At Sleep Without Sleep Training, we support families using the Baby-Led Sleep Approach™.

Our approach places an emphasis on a mother’s instinct and her baby's cues. Our mission is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices while building connected relationships. As no two families or babies are alike, every sleep plan we create is custom made and UNIQUE to YOUR baby and families needs. We do not use generic sleep plans. No sleep plans are ever the same. We are passionate about helping families improve sleep without resorting to sleep training, we have developed a program that:

  • respects and nurtures the attachment system;
  • supports the natural progression of development;
  • gives parents an understanding of what “normal” baby sleep looks like;
  • appreciates your baby’s still-developing brain and dominant survival instinct;
  • encourages parents to believe and to follow their own instincts for their baby as every baby is unique;
  • empowers a mother to make changes to improve the quality of her baby’s sleep.


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